Our Story

From Law Practice to the Sea… to the Vineyards

La Molara represents an important milestone in my personal journey.

The winery was born in 2002, when I was finally able to turn my passion for wine into my work.

My name is Riccardo Morelli and, together with my family, I am the beating heart of this company. I studied Law at university and I worked as an entrepreneur in the maritime industry for 32 years at the port of Naples. However my love for wine goes back to when I was a little boy. In my house we always enjoyed good wines: Chianti in the traditional straw flask in winter and a fresh, fruity Apulian white wine in the two-liter “jug” with the screw cap during summer.

During my university years in Siena, my mornings were dedicated to studying Law, my afternoons to the Legal Circle, and my evenings to the Enoteca Italiana Permanente (National Wine Museum).

In 1989, I started my first course to become a sommelier, and in 1992, I finally achieved the long-awaited title. After concluding my previous job at the port of Naples, I devoted myself entirely to La Molara.

This project has been a source of personal and spiritual enrichment for me. After spending a hectic life at the port of Naples, I had to learn to slow down to adapt to the pace of nature.

From Irpinia to Japan

Bringing a piece of our Irpinia to Japan has been a source of great pride for me, for my family and for my company.

Thanks to my son who works in Japan, since 2019 we have been collaborating with Wagyumafia, a chain of high-quality Japanese restaurants specializing in meat. We are happy that our wines are appreciated in such a diverse and rich gastronomic culture as Japan.

However, the moment of greatest joy was when our wines were served during the gala dinner celebrating 70 years of the Moncler brand. On this very special occasion, we designed labels with a stylized mountain.

At last, our wines reached the peak we have always dreamed of!

The passion that brings us Together

Over the years, the winery has made great progress, expanding our range of products. After a 20-year journey, starting with only red wines, we are now proud to offer eleven different labels.

We make wine out of passion, and our small team is committed to making sure that La Molara’s journey continues, looking at tradition with an eye to the future.

In addition to me, who serves as CEO or as delivery man when needed, there is Maria Rosaria who takes care of the administration and Giovanni, our trusted winemaker who oversees both the vineyards and the winery.