<< Et però credo che molta felicità sia agli homini
che nascono dove si trovano i vini buoni >>

Leonardo da Vinci


In the Media Valley of Calore, along the nature trail of the river Calore, there is Luogosano, surrounded by a lush nature that gives life at the beautiful pinewood reacheable from the Piana location, where is the source Pisciricolo, at the feet of Monte Pidocchio, and the areas of woodland and contrade of Sorriento and Molara. Luogosano is also a land of Taurasi DOCG, which can be tasted in the many wineries of the country or in the restaurants of the area. Irpinia, a land marked by its profile and by strong flavors.where the kitchen is a ritual and wine much more than just a table drink .

What today is one of the main products of the local economy, actually has rooted in the distant past. The art of producing wine in this territory, was known at the time of the Romans, when the nectar of the gods, particularly the one coming from Campania Felix, arrives on the tables of noblemen on occasion of some festivity.Today the IRPINIA wines , the TAURASI DOCG, the GRECO of TUFO DOCG and the FIANO of AVELLINO DOCG, in demand all over the world, are one of the main raisons of economy and tourism in the Avellino province .