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R.L. Stevenson


La Molara farm is a limited liability company built at the end of 2002 and created by the passion of the founder members who have provided the company with their business skills and with the technical experience necessary to face a very competitive and selected market. From the end of the year 2013, the main shareholders are the Neapolitan Lawyer Riccardo Morelli and the members of his Family ; in addition, the Company holds the presence and the cooperation of Professor Pasquale Di Stasio, Responsible of the Winery, and of Gianni Ricci, Responsible for the Oil Mill and the Vineyards Operations .

Productive activity

La Molara enjoys about five hectares of vineyards and three hectares of olive trees, the land is owned by its members and rented to the company. The vineyards are mostly recently built plant groves of intensive and specialized crop, the planting density is between 4000 and 6000 plants per hectare. The farming system mostly used is the spur cordon. The olive trees are in part by several decades traditionally planted and partly from new plants, built with a density of 400 plants per hectare, pruned in the shape of a vase.